Instant Returns on Your Bid

Instant Returns is an Ablrate innovation created in 2015 which makes sure that your money is still working for you even while a loan is filling up on the primary market, or while the legal documents are being completed. So whether you are waiting for a loan to fill, or waiting for the legal documents to be completed, you are earning income on your money from the moment you bid.

Over £200,000 of Instant Returns have been paid to lenders since launch.

Instant Returns on Committed Bids

On those loans that have ‘Instant Returns Enabled’ you begin earning from the moment you bid. We did this so that there is no period when the money in the loan is not earning a return. Most borrowing requests qualify and it will be clearly marked on each loan so you know when you will be earning Instant Returns. The returns are automatically calculated by our system and are paid to your Ablrate account as soon as the loan is drawn down by the borrower.

With instant returns you know that you will be earning from the moment you bid, so you are not having a ‘drag’ on funds you have put aside for lending, even if a loan does not complete.

How it works

Instant returns are paid based on the time you bid, the rate the ultimate loan will pay, and the amount of time it takes to complete a loan.

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Sit back relax and let our system do the rest. You will be paid the Instant Returns as soon as the loan is drawn by the borrower.

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Frequently asked questions

What are Instant Returns?

The Instant Returns feature is unique to Ablrate and was introduced by Ablrate to solve the issue of lost returns while the loan is being completed. For example, if a loan takes 2 weeks to fill you have lost two weeks of interest. We wanted to solve that. How the Instant Returns feature solves this is by rewarding early bidders with returns from the day they make a bid. So if the Borrowing Request runs for one month and the prevailing rate of the loan is 12% you would, if you bid on the first day, get 1% credited to your account on drawn down. If you bid halfway through the month you would get 0.5% etc. We think this is a fairer way of rewarding bidders and encourages loans to close early. Of course, it also gives us the incentive to borrowers to make sure loans drawdown on time! Which...


Who pays for Instant Returns?

The borrower pays for the instant returns from the funds drawn down when the loan closes. These fees are also due should a loan not fill or not draw down.


Start Earning as Soon as You Bid