Diversified Portfolio Loans

Diversification is one of the keys to reducing risk. Ablrate’s Diversified Portfolio Loans are a way of instantly diversifying across a number of loans within a portfolio of loans. Quick and simple to buy on the Ablrate Loan Exchange, you can diversify immediately.


Diversify Immediately

Alternative Lenders may seek to sell their debt to investors (often referred to as ‘securitisation’) for several reasons including risk management, greater leverage of capital, and in order to profit from origination fees. Ablrate lenders have the opportunity to lend against these portfolios which could be anything from a portfolio of heavy machinery loans, a portfolio of invoices or even consumer credit cards or personal loans. We give lenders the opportunity to see the portfolio make up and, in many cases, drill down to the individual loans that make up that portfolio.

How it works

Diversified Portfolio Loans are only available on the loan exchange and even though you are diversified your capital is still at risk.

Visit the Ablrate Loan Exchange

Use the filter to search for 'DPL' and you will be given a selection of loans.

Click trade on a loan you like the look of and you will be able to see all of the data about that portfolio

When you want to make a bid, click on that loan in the loan exchange and make a bid or accept and offer. All done, diversified and earning interest.

Fully managed
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Frequently asked questions

What are Instant Returns?

The Instant Returns feature is unique to Ablrate and was introduced by Ablrate to solve the issue of lost returns while the loan is being completed. For example, if a loan takes 2 weeks to fill you have lost two weeks of interest. We wanted to solve that. How the Instant Returns feature solves this is by rewarding early bidders with returns from the day they make a bid. So if the Borrowing Request runs for one month and the prevailing rate of the loan is 12% you would, if you bid on the first day, get 1% credited to your account on drawn down. If you bid halfway through the month you would get 0.5% etc. We think this is a fairer way of rewarding bidders and encourages loans to close early. Of course, it also gives us the incentive to borrowers to make sure loans drawdown on time! Which...


Who pays for Instant Returns?

The borrower pays for the instant returns from the funds drawn down when the loan closes. These fees are also due should a loan not fill or not draw down, however, although a borrower is obliged to pay Instant Returns in the event of a loan not filling it is possible that a borrower would not pay these fees due. The figures involved may be small and may make legal action against the borrower commercially non-viable. Please do not invest in a loan on the basis that a loan may not fill and you will be assured of Instant Returns. The vast majority of loans that make it to the platform fill, so we do not have enough data to assure lenders that ALL potential borrowers would honor this commitment.


Diversify Immediately