Commercial loans

Our lenders invest in a variety of projects from our borrowers. These projects can be to assist with working capital, it could be to enhance marketing or to buy a new asset.–-Hero-–-2@2x.png

What are commercial loans?

With each new loan we carefully evaluate the company and the assets that will secure the loan. If we feel that it would be a company our lenders would be happy to lend to we issue a term sheet.

If this term sheet is agreed we begin the process of putting the loan together, including a borrowing proposal and the documentation.

Active loans

These loans are active on the platform. If there are no loans showing it is because we have no new loans running (they do tend to be popular!). Don’t worry, however, there is usually upwards of £100,000 available in the Loan Exchange at any one time.

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How it works

When you have registered for an account you will be able to see the loans that are available on the Ablrate platform. These loans will have a borrowing proposal approved by the borrower which explains the loan in detail.

You will be able to evaluate other information provided by the borrower such as asset valuations, asset details, accounts and other material information to help you make a decision to lend.

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Frequently asked questions

What if I have second thoughts about being a member?

If you want to close your account we will be sad to see you go but realise that lending to businesses is not for everyone. If you wish to close your account you will need to sell all your loans on Ablrate first (through the Loan Exchange) and then you can request a withdrawal of funds. Get in touch with us and we will deactivate your account as soon as your funds are received.


Who determines the interest rate?

The interest that a borrower pays (“the price”) is determined by Ablrate and calculated against the risk parameters set out in our Credit Risk Management Policy and procedures. We determine the price of a loan by performing due diligence on the business and referring to our risk policies. There is an element of commerciality in pricing a loan, i.e should we price loans too high we would lose business to those willing to lend at lower rates. However, at Ablrate we believe that lenders need to be compensated fairly and we believe that our process of pricing loans fairly compensates for the risks being taken. If loans fall outside of these parameters we do not take the loan forward. We use credit data from Creditsafe, the basis of the valuation of the asset securing the loan and serviceability factor in order to price the loan. We also have a view...


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