Black Box Lending

Black Box Lending® is a term we use for hands-off investing in Ablrate loans where investors funds are managed through a regulated  Experienced Investor Fund.

Black Box Lending is for expert investors and is not covered by the Financial Conduct Authority but through a regulated fund in Gibraltar. Ablrate does not operate the fund and is not remunerated by the fund.

What is black box lending?

ASMX Fund PPC Limited is a regulated Gibraltar EIF (experienced investor fund) fund which manages investors funds in order to achieve a target rate of 8% underwriting loans on the Ablrate platform and providing liquidity to the Loan Exchange by buying and selling loans. The fund will be able to invest in loans that need to be completed quickly or are a larger than normal.  The fund earns interest on the loans it is invested in and also shares in Ablrate’s income from loans it has underwritten.


*Black Box Lending is currently available for those who meet the criteria as a professional, sophisticated or HNW investor with €50,000 minimum, if you have taken advice from a regulated financial advisor, or €100,000 if you have not. Your capital is at risk.

The fund does not have enhanced rates, any profit over the target rate is shared 50/50 with the investor and the fund owners. I.e if a return of 11% is achieved, the lender will receive 9.5% and the fund will receive 1.5%. Ablrate does not receive any income from the fund.

How it works

Register your interest with Ablrate by calling Customer Services, we will put you in touch with Juno Fund Services Limited, a Gibraltar-based corporate and fund services provider, who will evaluate your application and issue you with the fund paperwork to read. If you are happy you can transfer funds to them and the fund managers will manage and report your returns from that point onwards. You will not be able to manage the process from your Ablrate dashboard.

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You can download the overview brochure in PDF format below.

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    *Black Box Lending is only available to High Net Worth, Sophisticated and Professional investors who are can invest a minimum of €50,000 if they have take advice and €100,000 if they have not. Your Capital is at risk

Frequently asked questions

Who are ASMX EIF Fund?

ASMX EIF Fund, is a Gibraltar regulated experience investor fund corporate structure, with regulated directors, who manage the fund.


Why is it €50,000 / €100,000 minimum to invest through Blackbox Lending?

Blackbox Lending is subject to the regulations in Gibraltar. The Gibraltar regulatory requirement (FSC) for the experienced investor fund are that all investors meet the criteria as a professional, sophisticated or HNW investor with €50,000 minimum, if you have taken advice from a regulated financial advisor, or €100,000 if you have not. Regular lending on Ablrate starts at the minimum of £100.


Who is eligible to invest in Black Box Lending?

The fund is based in Gibraltar. The 'Experienced Investor' term is similar to the UK 'High Net Worth', 'Sophisticated Investor' and 'Professional Investor' definitions.  Basically it is for those investors who are sophisticated and understand the risks that are involved in investing through the fund. Ablrate do not manage the fund, nor do we set the criteria for those who can invest in the fund. The fund documentation is only available to those who pass the 'Expert Investor' criteria.


Who are Juno Corporate and Fund Services?

Juno are a Gibraltar regulated company, who act as the administrator to the fund, helping with all fund communications e.g.  onboarding all investors, reporting monthly NAVs (net asset values).


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