Lending Statistics

Ablrate has been bringing borrowers and lenders together since 2014. Below are the lending statistics since that time.


*The overall return assumes that that £10,000 was invested on the platform at the beginning of 2016, that all interest and capital returned was reinvested across all loans. The calculation does not take into account loans that default multiple years after they were written (as more interest would have been accrued) but that they defaulted and losses are accrued in the year they were written. Returns do not take into account Instant Returns or loans that were bought at a discount or premium.

2020 figures are up to 30th June and have been assumed as an end of year figure.

The default figures are those loans that have defaulted due to none payment of capital and those that are in technical default with over 90 days late payments.

Past performance is no guarantee or indication of future performance.