To become a Lending Member you must;

(a) be an individual, LLP, limited company or public body;
(b) be over 18 years old;
(c) if you are a limited company, you must be registered with Companies House or an equivalent body in your country;
(d) if you are a public body, you must be registered or formed with the relevant authority in the UK (excluding the Channel Islands and Isle of Man);
(f) you must have a valid bank or building society account; and
(g) you must register your details verified on our website.

We do accept overseas lenders on the platform (excluding the USA) but we may ask you to provide proof that lending on our platform is allowed in your country as there may be local regulations where this is prohibited. We cannot guarantee that you will be accepted as an overseas Lending Member.

Our system verifies and authenticates UK residents through our on-line verification providers, ID3Global, but this system does not verify overseas lenders, as of yet, so we will require certified copies of identification and certified copies of proof of residency (such as a utility bill). We may ask for other information, but if you are an overseas lender you should contact us and we will manually process your application in compliance with our anti-money laundering obligations.

Please do contact us at or alternatively call + 44 (0) 1491 410 400 for any further assistance or information you may require in this regard.

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