The Instant Returns feature is unique to Ablrate and was introduced by Ablrate to solve the issue of lost returns while the loan is being completed. For example, if a loan takes 2 weeks to fill you have lost two weeks of interest. We wanted to solve that.

How the Instant Returns feature solves this is by rewarding early bidders with returns from the day they make a bid. So if the Borrowing Request runs for one month and the prevailing rate of the loan is 12% you would, if you bid on the first day, get 1% credited to your account on drawn down. If you bid halfway through the month you would get 0.5% etc. We think this is a fairer way of rewarding bidders and encourages loans to close early.

Of course, it also gives us the incentive to borrowers to make sure loans drawdown on time!

Which Loans Qualify?

Not all Borrowing Requests will have the Instant Returns enabled. Borrowing Requests that have received considerable prior interest and we are confident that they will be popular are more likely to have the feature disabled.

This feature was introduced after feedback from lending Members, so if you have any comments to add, or believe there can be improvements to this feature, or any others, then do let us know, your feedback is invaluable.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at or alternatively call + 44 (0) 1491 410 400 with any comments or feedback.

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