Yes. You retain ownership until a trade completes on the Loan Exchange and as a result, you will receive scheduled interest payments until ownership transfers. When a loan is purchased from you, you will receive the accrued interest due on that loan for the period you have held it.

When you hold a loan interest accrues on a daily basis calculated on our platform. This allows us to charge the incoming buyer of your loan ‘accrued interest’ so that you keep all of the interest you should have earned for the time you have held the loan. For example, if you are due £10 in interest at the end of the month and you sell your loan half way through the month, you will receive the capital the buyer pays for your loan and £5 in accrued interest. The buyer will get the full £10 at the end of the month which means you both get the correct interest for the time you have each held the loan.

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