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How does Ablrate prevent fraud?

How does Ablrate prevent fraud?

We verify all members in the UK through our online partner ‘ID3Global’.

This system checks addresses, identification and a number of other verification points to make sure that the members using our system, are who they say they are. We have very stringent anti-money laundering regulations to comply with and we do so thoroughly to protect all our members.

Borrowers are vetted in similar ways as well with physical visits to offices, facilities etc., we also verify assets backing the loans on our system.

Our overseas members are required to comply with the anti-money laundering regulations by providing the following information:-

A scan or photocopy of either an original Utility Bill, Tax Bill or Bank Statement (No older than 3 months and displaying their current address. – these must not be print outs of online statements) and a scan or photocopy of their Passport/International ID or Driving Licence with photographic ID.

We reserve the right to request independent verification in certain circumstances, where we will require all documents submitted to Ablrate to be certified by a relevant professional such as a lawyer or notary.

We may also in certain circumstances request additional information to completely satisfy ourselves that our Lenders and Borrowers are protected and we are always looking to improve and add to our fraud prevention measures.