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How do you withdraw money from an Ablrate account?

How do you withdraw money from an Ablrate account?

When you log into your dashboard you will see on your dashboard page the buttons that take you to the withdrawal and deposit sections.

Click on the withdrawal section and complete the details and we will process your withdrawal when received. You will receive an email when the withdrawal is being processed and an email when the withdrawal is complete. Withdrawals are usually executed on the same day but can take up to 48-72 hours, if part or all of your withdrawal is as a result of trading on the secondary market. If you have not received a withdrawal complete notification within 72 hours (unless over a weekend) please contact Customer Services on +44 (0) 1491 410 400.

If you are a verified overseas investor we encourage you to use Transferwise for your payment in order to reduce costs. We use Transferwise to make withdrawal payments to overseas investors and we pass on the charges of that withdrawal to the lender.

By using this Ablrate link you will be able to get one Transferwise transfer for free.

Please note that we have procedures in place that only allow withdrawal to the account that you made the deposit from and require that your account is verified. If you wish to have funds withdrawn to another account we will need to have to re-verify, this is to protect our customers. If you have invested through SIPP, we can only send money back to that SIPP account unless we are advised otherwise by your SIPP provider.