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How to deposit funds

How to deposit funds

You can deposit funds by bank transfer or via a debit card. Debit card deposits are automatically credited to the system, a bank transfer can take 24 hours if you are depositing from a UK bank account. If you are depositing from overseas we recommend Transferwise to keep fees reduced and there is an introductory link on our deposit page. We check the account regularly for transfers and aim to deposit your funds within 2 hours of receipt.

Please note that we do not accept payments by credit card.

On a deposit from your debit card you will receive an email from our system and also an email from our secure payment gateway (UPG) advising you of the deposit. On a bank transfer we will be providing an email notification, but currently there is no notification digitally. If you have not seen a bank transfer credited to your account within 48 hours (UK) or 5 days (overseas) please contact customer services on admin@ablrate.com or directly on +44 (0) 1491 410 400.