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How to create an offer

How to create an offer

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Video Transcription:

Welcome to The short video, just to show you how to create an offer on the Ablrate secondary market.

What I tend to do is go to the current investments, take me to everything I own. An offer obviously is a is creating an offer to sell something so you can sell what you don’t own. So if you go to your current investments, that will take you to the loans that you own. And I happen to own a grand total of three pounds in this particular loan here.

What I need to do now is if I’m looking to trade, is just simply click on trade.

That will take me to the bids and offers pages, you’ll see all of the bids and offers listed here. Clearly, if I am looking to be at the top of the offer list here, I need to make the best offer. In this case, the best offer is 100%. I could offer it at a discount if I wished. But I don’t particularly want to do that. So I’ll make an offer at 100% of the capital. So as you will be aware of, 100% means that I am prepared to pay 1 100 pounds for every 100 pounds of capital outstanding. And to do that, what I need to do is click on create an offer here and that will take me to here. There are some that roll over til tips here that you can see exactly what these mean. But simply I am looking to sell two pounds sake of argument and what I want to do is offer that at 100%. That means that I want to sell two pounds, for £2. Obviously, I’m going to get a small amount of accrued interest that I’ve earned on that particular loan for the period of time that I’ve held it. But for the capital, I want to get two pounds for it. I could offer it at a premium of 101 to 102 103 and have a small premium on the capital but at this instance, I’m quite happy to have a 100%. Valid until is I can leave my offer out there for a period of time on amortizing loans. There is a restriction on the period of time that I can offer it out, which is the day before that next interest payment is made. But let’s say I’m going to click on this one and leave it up until Saturday. I click to confirm that I understand the terms and conditions behind listing and offer, and then I simply click the execute button, and that shows me that I’ve successfully placed by offer and it’s great out in the list but is viewable to normal lenders. You’ll see that I am the second tier even though I have put the same price as the top offer here. Mine comes second because I am the second person to offer that. That’s where my offer sits and it will stay there until I am matched or until it is automatically cancelled by the system on my instructions are valid until the date that I have just put in.

If I want to amend that offer, I could go to current investments, go to active bids, offers and pledges. And what you’ll see secondary offers and you’ll see my offer here and you’ll see that I’ve offered £2 at 100% a click on the details. And I unable to do two things, I can amend the offer, I can cancel the offer. If I amend the offer, it takes me back to the screen that we were in previously.

And I can amend any of the details of the offer there. But let’s say what I want to do is cancel this particular offer and I will just click cancel, and you’ll find that there are no more secondary offers there.

If I go to my dashboard just to confirm all that, go to my current investments and you can see that I still have the three pounds that I had and my offer has now disappeared from the list of offers, I hope that was useful, obviously, if you have any questions at all on the secondary market send us an email or give us a call.

We’re happy to help as much as we possibly can. Thank you for your time.