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Becoming a Lender on Ablrate

Becoming a Lender on Ablrate

Ablrate was born out of the need to have a place where we could list our asset backed transactions and bring those together with lenders who wanted to invest in those transactions. We needed to fund transactions, lenders wanted a great risk adjusted return, so we created the platform to do that with a number of great features. One of those being the Secondary Market, we will leave you to discover that when you register (or you can discover how it works in the FAQ), another is Instant Returns, with both you start earning interest straight away.

What we offering you, at the core of our business is the opportunity to become a member of our community of lenders who are earning 10%-16% on transactions across the platform in asset backed transactions. We don’t accept all lenders, as you will have to pass our automated or manual selection process, but if you do get accepted you will have access to asset backed transactions where you can assess the risks for yourself, decide whether you would like to lend, receive proper documentation between you and the borrower and have the ability (subject to demand) of getting to your funds before the loan term ends, if you need to.

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