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Completed P2P Loans

Example Loans

Funded: £750,000
13% p.a

Asset Backed Loans

The borrower was incorporated in March 2013 and has developed into a market leader in the manufacturing of bespoke modular construction, supplying sectors including NHS, Public, Construction, Commercial and Education.

In the 2017 they expanded with a number of new large contracts currently in ‘work in progress’ and the pipeline of new business beyond that is healthy.  They raised £750,000 from lenders in less than 24 hours. Those lenders are enjoying 13%.

Funded: £850,000
13% p.a

Freight Aircraft

The company is an air freight business and required two aircraft to be purchased.

The highly experienced management team, who have freight businesses around the world, identified another jurisdiction to operate an air cargo business. The Directors approached lenders to borrow £850,000 to enable the Company to buy two Antonov 26 aircraft. Lenders are enjoying 13%.

Funded: £550,000
14% p.a

Fishing Loan

The company is a holding company which currently owns a multitude of assets in the fishing industry.

The Directors approached lenders to borrow £550,000 to enable the Company to create an acquisition “cash war chest” to acquire additional assets in the form of shares in fishing boats in the inshore fishing fleet based in Scotland to expand the current portfolio. Lenders are enjoying 14%.

Funded: £1,300,000
15% p.a

Property Development

The company was formed to acquire and redevelop the site which was previously a hospital. The Company sought £1,300,000 to finance the final settlement payment for the Phase 1 land and the acquisition of the Phase 2, 3 & 4 land.

The original buildings date back to the 1840’s as a Victorian workhouse and later extended in stages until the site was converted into the local community hospital for in the 1940’s.

Funded: £2,330,000
14% p.a

Waste Management Company

An industrial waste management facility was given a new lease of life after being purchased by a Yorkshire entrepreneur and financed by our lenders.

The facility is the most sophisticated waste management facility in Europe. Ablrate lenders loaned £2.33 million against £7 million of security and are enjoying 14% per annum.

Funded: £425,000
14% p.a

Leopard 27 Yacht

Built in Italy in 1999, the vessel underwent substantial refurbishment in 2016 at the cost of £200,000. Valued at £635,000 our borrowers required £425,000 to complete the purchase.

The funds were raised within a week and our members are currently enjoying 14% per year on the loan secured against the vessel, the company that owns it and guarantees.

Funded: £1,850,000
13% p.a

ATR 42-500

Ablrate lenders loaned £1.85 million against an ATR 42-500 aircraft valued at £3.3 million. This loan was the biggest in p2p history for an aircraft.

The loan was for 6 months at 13% (annualised) and extended with a penalty rate of 17% being applied. The loan completed in September 2016 with all capital and interest paid. The aircraft was sold to parts company.

Funded: £750,000
13% p.a

Units for a Film Studio

Ablrate lenders loaned £750,000 to our borrower at 14% p.a who was funding the supplier of modular units to a well known UK film studio.

The studio is undergoing a £200 million refit and required modular units to re-house certain office facilities. Our borrower paid the loan back after 6 months having refinanced.

Funded: £450,000
14% p.a

Award Winning Water Company

Our lenders loaned £450,000 for 9 months to the UK’s fastest growing water retail company.

Over 35% of customers that have switched since the English market deregulated in April ’17 chose our borrower as their preferred supplier. Our lenders are enjoying 14% per annum

Funded: £320,000
10% p.a

Falcon 50 Business Jet

An aviation company contacted us to finance a Falcon 50 business jet based in Geneva. The aircraft was to be broken up for its parts.

Our lenders loaned £320,000 to the company for 12 months and are enjoying 10% return secured against the parts and personal guarantees of the Swiss directors.

Funded: £250,000
12% p.a

Innovative Waste Technology

SEAB Energy hit the headlines recently while traveling with London Mayor Khan, as part of a business promotional trip to the USA. SEAB’s innovative ‘waste to energy’ technology went down a storm with multiple orders.

To help them get off the ground in their initial stages, Ablrate lenders loaned £250,000 against £400,000 of security at 12% which is being paid back on a monthly basis with half its term remaining.

Funded: £200,000
10% p.a

Bottling Plant

A leading 40 year old UK company that makes and suppliers beer kegs wanted to build a bottling plant in Lancashire. They borrowed £116,000 to start the process, which was paid back within 7 months.

They borrowed a further £200,000 for the final equipment for the plant and are paying back capital and interest each month at 10% p.a.