Become a private lender

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Easy account opening

We have automated gadgetry that checks your data against a number of databases, allowing you to register quickly. We will fulfill our regulatory obligations to ‘Know Your Client’ without it affecting your credit score.

By making sure all lenders are verified we protect the Ablrate lending community as whole.

Customer services

Our Customer Services Team at Ablrate HQ will be your point of call if you have any questions or issues on the platform.

We aim to provide an unsurpassed service so please get in touch if you need any assistance.

Tax-free lending

Once you are in, you will be able to open an Innovative Finance ISA with a click of a few buttons, should you wish. You can also transfer in existing ISA monies. We attracted over £1m in the first week.

All the income and any capital gains you gain within the IFISA account will be free of tax.

Asset backed

Our borrowers provide us with assets to secure the loans that Ablrate lenders’ make. These can be everything from machinery, waste, energy technology units and property to yachts, equipment and even aircraft.

As well as the assets mentioned, personal/corporate guarantees and debentures are also requested to form the security suite in a transaction. We aim to be able to liquidate this security suite if a borrower fails to pay the money that is owed.

Due diligence

To explain our due diligence, each borrower produces a ‘Borrowing Proposal’ which lenders are able to download. This document lays out the project, the security, the people involved, how you will be paid and how the loan will be paid back.

It also explains the risks and disclosures specific to that loan allowing you, the lender, to make informed choices about who to lend to and how much to lend.–-1@2x.png

Diverse assets

We all know that diversification is a key part of balancing our portfolio, so diversifying by asset class should also be considered.

While we do property transactions we do approve borrowing requests against a variety of assets and business types, to make sure that we are not concentrated in one asset class.

Secured lending

Each loan on Ablrate is backed by an asset such as property, land, equipment or other company assets. In the event that a loan does not perform as intended we can repossess the asset and sell it to aid the recovery of the capital to lenders.

There is no guarantee that all capital can be recovered, but our job is to make sure that a diverse portfolio of Ablrate loans will produce a positive return to lenders, including the recovery from asset sales.

Frequently asked questions

What if I have second thoughts about being a member?

If you want to close your account we will be sad to see you go but realise that lending to businesses is not for everyone. If you wish to close your account you will need to sell all your loans on Ablrate first (through the Loan Exchange) and then you can request a withdrawal of funds. Get in touch with us and we will deactivate your account as soon as your funds are received.


Who determines the interest rate?

The interest that a borrower pays (“the price”) is determined by Ablrate and calculated against the risk parameters set out in our Credit Risk Management Policy and procedures. We determine the price of a loan by performing due diligence on the business and referring to our risk policies. There is an element of commerciality in pricing a loan, i.e should we price loans too high we would lose business to those willing to lend at lower rates. However, at Ablrate we believe that lenders need to be compensated fairly and we believe that our process of pricing loans fairly compensates for the risks being taken. If loans fall outside of these parameters we do not take the loan forward. We use credit data from Creditsafe, the basis of the valuation of the asset securing the loan and serviceability factor in order to price the loan. We also have a view...


Self-select loans

When you have registered an account you will see a number of loans that are available on our Primary Market – new loans that have not been filled yet – and loans on our Loan Exchange.

We allow you to be in control of when to buy and when to sell. You choose which loans to invest in, not a faceless algorithm.

Many of our borrowers have repeat loans for other parts of their business. Our largest borrower has borrowed over £12 million and returned £6 million in capital with over £32 million in interest. You can choose to invest in loans from your favorite entrepreneur on Ablrate or diversify across all loans and reduce your overall risk.

Gain interest on your investment up to 15%*