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Ablrate Innovative Finance ISA

Tax Free Lending? Great Idea!

Your returns on Ablrate can be enhanced further by opening an Innovative Finance ISA. It takes seconds (if you are eligible) and you pay no capital gains or income tax within that account.

What is an Innovative Finance ISA?

There is a Stocks and Shares ISAs where you can shield your stock market trading from tax, a Cash ISAthat can protect your savings and now the Innovative Finance ISA which allows you to lend money tax free via online lending platforms like Ablrate.

My Innovative Finance Allowance?

There is an annual allowance across all ISAs of £20,000 per year and you can transfer other previous years ISAs to your Ablrate IFISA. You can lend as little as £10 up to the maximum of the loan being sought and you can start earning immediately with Instant Returns.

Who will I lend to?

Our borrowers are primarily UK based and all loans are asset backed. We post full details of the company and the loan in a borrowing proposal – you can choose to invest or not, it is totally up to you.

Up to £20,000
Add up to £20,000 before 6th April 2018 and pay no Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax. It is completely free to open an Innovative Finance ISA account.

The Ablrate Innovative Finance ISA is flexible, withdraw funds and deposit back in the same year without affecting your allowance

You Choose!
It’s your money, you choose! – you select which businesses you lend to from those who have listed a borrowing request.

Transfers in Welcome
We accept ‘Transfers In’ from your other cash ISA, Stocks and Shares ISA or even other Innovative Finance ISAs

Simple to Apply
Opening an account takes less than 5 minutes. All you need is to open an account and have your National Insurance number handy

No Fees!
While you have your IFISA with Ablrate you will not be charged any fees for maintaining your account.

Step 1

Register for a Standard Account. We will use the information you provide to get you verified (which usually takes a couple of minutes).

You can trade through this account without the tax benefits (if you have used up your ISA allowance elsewhere for example), or move on to Step 2

Step 2

Once you are logged into your Standard Account you will see a button that says ‘Open an IFISA’.

Clicking that button will take you through the process (you will need your National Insurance Number). If you are eligible you will be set up in seconds and will be ready to fund your account

Step 3

Your Innovative ISA is all set up. You can Transfer-in previous year ISA funds, deposit straight into that account or transfer funds from your Standard Account to your Innovative ISA account.

The only thing to do now is start lending! If you need any help at all with setting up your Ablrate Innovative ISA Account, please get in touch