The above is the amount of completed loans on the Ablrate platform. 


The above is the total amount traded on the Ablrate Secondary Market.


The above is the total amount of interest that Borrowers have paid to Lenders so far on Ablrate

It is important to us that you are aware of the factors which can put your capital at risk when making loans to borrowers via Ablrate. Click here to review those risks.

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Ablrate borrower Catfoss in the news - Bulgaria-based Ebioss Energy said it signed a deal with Energy China and UK-based Catfoss to build two waste-to-energy plants in the UK worth 146 million...
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Ablrate is a business lending platform that provides asset finance to a diverse range of businesses. Our platform was initially launched to allow our Lending Members access to the lucrative aircraft...
Our team brings a wealth of experience in asset finance, banking and leasing. We hope to meet you in person, in the meantime you can view the profiles of our team by clicking the icon above.

Ablrate aims to be a sophisticated, yet simple to use platform where Lenders come together with Borrowers to make asset backed transactions happen, it's that simple.

The Ablrate Platform

Over three years we have been developing in the industry and changing our platform by considering feedback from our lending members, and we continue to add to each month. One of the primary features is our Secondary Market. Here you are able to sell loans you own and, uniquely for a lending platform, you are able to make bids for loans you would like to own. Like trading shares, each loan shows its best ‘Bid’ and ‘Offer’ along with accurate yields.

Important Notice

Please note that investing on Ablrate is not for everyone and there is a risk to your capital and future interest payments. The primary risk being that if a borrower defaults, and Ablrate is unable to liquidate the asset for the full amount you invested, you could lose some, or all of your capital and future interest payments. By using the Ablrate platform you are agreeing that you understand the risks in our transactions and that you have sufficient investment experience and knowledge to evaluate these risks. Ablrate is not authorised to give advice, we evaluate loans for inclusion on the platform, but you are ultimately responsible for the decisions made to invest. If you are unsure if investing on Ablrate is for you, please seek advice from an authorised investment advisor.

*Rates shown are gross of tax and any defaults that your portfolio may incur. ** Secondary Market returns represent the minimum and maximum rates that have been attained on our platform. Buying loans at a premium or discount in the Secondary Market may make these rates higher or substantially lower, dependent on the price you are willing to pay. Please make sure you understand the operation of the Secondary Market and risks before you invest.

Aviation and Tech Capital is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No. 663280). Ablrate.com is a trading name of Aviation and Tech Capital Limited. Registered in England and Wales No. 07940046.VAT Registration Number 256988538. Aviation and Tech Capital Limited is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Aviation and Tech Capital is registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner (No. ZA033501). Investing through any lending platform entails the risk of loss of your investment, please thoroughly review our risk section before deciding to invest.