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P2P Lending UK Lessons From the Golf Course – Drive for Show Putt for Dough 19/11/2019

This is video 4 in our 5 part series called “P2P Lending UK Lessons from the Golf Course”, In this series, Ablrate CEO David Bradley-Ward is joined by Luke Donnelly as they play some golf and cover some of the similarities between investing and golf. In this video, David and Luke talk about needing to look at the bigger picture. Find the full video transcript below.

Luke: Nothing is more impressive than pulling out your driver and nailing a 300-yard drive.

David: 250

Luke: But if you can’t follow up with your putting then it’s all for nothing. Golf is a precision game requiring the use of a full set of clubs to hit a small ball into a slightly bigger hole.

David: This holds true for investing, it’s easy to make big plays and neglect the finer details. This type of investing can make you struggle to achieve your long-term goals.

Luke: Good golfers know that to succeed you need to spend time at both the putting green…..

David Tees off

Luke: and the driving range

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