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P2P Lending UK Lessons From The Golf Course – Video 2 Play The Ball As It Lies 15/10/2019

In this 5 part video series “P2P Lending UK Lessons from the Golf Course”, Ablrate CEO David Bradley-Ward is joined by Luke Donnelly as they play some golf and cover some of the similarities between investing and golf. In this video,
we talk about the importance of playing the ball where it lies. Can’t watch the video right now? Check out the transcript below:

Luke: “Hi, I’m Luke Donnelly, I’m a professional golfer on Europro Tour.”

David: “I’m David the CEO of Ablrate.” 

David: “We have been sponsoring Luke for some time now and some people might ask what Golf and Investing have in common? In this video series, Luke and I will play some golf and cover some of the similarities. “

Luke: “Just make sure you can keep up!”

Luke: “The best golfers know that they can’t go back and change their shot, so rather than agonizing over what is in the past, they focus on making the best shot out of a bad lie.”

David: “This is an important lesson for business and investing, sunk costs are amounts spent in the past and do not matter in the future.”

Luke: “Golf is a sport that is built on honesty and trust. In no other sport do the players call penalties on themselves.”

Luke: “Games have been lost when a player has thought his own play illegal and has taken a penalty. This process creates a level of trust between players.”

David: “Trust is critical in all business not just investing. If you break your partners trust they won’t work with you in the future.”

David: “Just like in golf it’s vital to conduct yourself in a way that earns the trust and cooperation needed to enable value. Ablrate pride themselves in creating trust with their lenders by letting them be part of the entire lending process.”

Luke: “The legendary golfer Ben Hogan once said, The most important shot in golf is the next one.”

Luke: “So Instead of getting bogged down in your mistakes, learn from your shortcomings, reach for your sand wedge, and knock the next shot from the trap onto the green.”

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