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Secondary Market – Video Testimonial 13/08/2019

At our recent Investor golf event at Badgemore Park, we had close to 100 people show up for a round of golf, networking, and barbeque. We managed to speak to some of our investors about the Ablrate platform and got some great feedback.

Darren spoke to us about his experience with the secondary market, Alternatively, if you don’t want to watch the video we have transcribed it below.

Video Transcript

Ablrate: What do you like about the Ablare platform?

Darren: The secondary market is good for me. So I’ve managed to do quite a few thousand trades on the secondary market, I’m quite happy with the platform and returns so far have been decent.

Ablrate: Why is the Secondary Market important to you?

Darren: I just find it useful personally for myself because I used to trade lots on the secondary market, what it way enables me to do is get liquidity that I can’t get on other platforms. It means that if you want to redeem your cash within certain limits, you can sell and hit bids. So it just gives you a way out and also a better idea of the market pricing.

Check out our YouTube channel to watch more videos about Ablrate and our upcoming loans.

Ablrate Secondary Market

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