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If popular brands designed postcards, here’s what they could look like 05/02/2019

Brand image and brand presence is becoming increasingly important in today’s society. Companies are having to go the extra mile just to stay visible amongst the noise online and across social media. This got us thinking: what is the most valuable brand in each country? And, what would it look like if they designed their most famous monuments?

Well, we’ve done exactly that.

Using data from howmuch.net, we have listed the most valuable brands in the USA, Austria, Finland and the UK, and re-imagined what the most famous monuments in each country would look like if they were designed by that respective brand.

USA: Amazon

Beating the tech giants Apple and Facebook to the podium, Amazon was crowned the most valuable brand in the USA. This comes as no surprise, what with Jeff Bezos being named the richest man in the world with a real-time net worth of $138 billion (subject to change).

Austria: Red Bull

Red Bull’s extensive marketing campaigns will go down in history. Between campaigning for a 4pm finish, sponsoring extreme sporting events and claiming to ‘give you wings’, the energy drinks company has sold over 75 billion cans worldwide and are recognised in over 171 countries. So, it comes as no surprise really that they were named the most valuable brand in Austria.

Finland: Nokia

Now famous for their reliable handsets, high-pitched ring tone, and addictive retro-style phone games, the Finnish mobile provider were once a global market leader. The mobile division of the brand has since been bought by Microsoft (2013) and HMD (2016). Yet, the company remains the most valuable brand in Finland.


This multinational energy and gas company has extended their products (and services) to an impressive customer base. In their own words, their products have supported projects  ‘from the deep sea to the desert’ and from ‘rigs to retail’. Despite some monumental charges for environmental damages and safety incidents, the company remains on the FTSE 100 list and is currently the most valuable brand in the UK.

Source: howmuch.net

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