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Ablrate’s new site 19/09/2017

One Design Done, One to Come

You may have noticed a change around here, yes we have finally bit the bullet and changed the design layout of the site. This is the first in a two stage process; we have updated the outside, our ‘shop window’ and we are working on the new design of the interior, what we call ‘the platform’.

The reason for this is that we built a bespoke system, but to change things regularly, such as adding pages for information and functionality for video learning, was becoming a bit of a pain, so we ‘skinned’ the site with another system and integrated that with the platform. The platform design is being created on our demo server and will be available soon when we have thoroughly tested.

So if you are new you will be wondering why some of the platform images on the front page are different to what you experience…. not for long!

Along with the new design for the platform we are working on a number of improvements which will be rolled out shortly. As always, we love to get your feedback so if you would like to see some functionality added, do get in touch and let us know, or comments below… we pick those up too.

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