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Where Lenders come together with Borrowers for Asset Backed Peer to Peer Lending, it’s that simple. (Capital is at risk)

£ 51,507,156.08

Amount of completed loans on the Ablrate platform

£ 41,124,507.30

Total amount traded on the Ablrate Secondary Market

£ 7,584,849.59

Total amount of interest that Borrowers have paid to Lenders so far on Ablrate

10 %-15 %*

Average returns experienced by Lenders on the Ablrate platform

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It is important to us that you are aware of the factors which can put your capital at risk when making peer to peer loans to borrowers via Ablrate. Click Here to review those risks.


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Active Loans


Amount raised: £747,114 Interest Rate: 13%


Up to £875,000 | 13.00% | Interest only

18 Months | Instant Return Enabled

Amount raised: £747,114

Interest Rate: 13%

Capital equipment

Amount raised: £452,299 Interest Rate: 13%

Capital equipment

Up to £900,000 | 13.00% | Amortising

48 Months | Instant Return Enabled

Amount raised: £452,299

Interest Rate: 13%

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What our lenders say about us

WH - Lender since 2014

“When it comes to investing I always remember the 3 Ps - People, Product and Potential! In the case of Ablrate, it is clear that experienced professionals with a proven success story are running a unique business model with enormous potential.”

SS - Lender since 2016

"Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent communication and above all for your first-class professionalism, reassuring all of us that Ablrate is SAFE. I just wish all other platforms were as conscientious and honest as you"

MH - Lender since 2016

“Ablrate has some great returns available and the Secondary Market works tremendously well. I opened my IFISA in seconds and can switch between the two accounts easily. In my opinion, by far the best peer to peer lending for investors.”

RW - Lender since 2015

“I presently enjoy industry leading interest rates of 10% - 14% on my loans, paid throughout the month. Communication with the Ablrate team is responsive and helpful; Deposit and withdrawal of funds are promptly handled. I find the acceptance of a bank debit card for immediate funding particularly helpful. I am delighted that they now have an IFISA product.”

PB - Lender since 2015

“The loans give very good returns and even though I have had a small default on the account I am happy how this has been handled. More loans would be great, but I can see Ablrate going from strength to strength. IFISA was easy to open and manage”

FB - Lender since 2014

“I registered in 2014 the same month that Ablrate launched. I have seen the platforms' progression since then, the team have done very well and I look forward to their continued expansion"

JM - Lender since 2014

“I have been lending with Ablrate since 2014 and have 6 figures+ loaned to date. The team are great and have made lending on the platform easy and informative. Nothing is too much trouble and they have always had time to talk me through how best to use certain aspects of the platform.

Self Select Loans or Portfolio Loans
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Available on the secondary market:

  • Loan#1000073
    Total Offers: £738.44
  • Loan#1000107
    Total Offers: £12,009.41
  • Loan#1000113
    Total Offers: £4,977.66
  • Loan#1000087
    Total Offers: £4,245.33
  • Loan#1000076
    Total Offers: £7,125.00
  • Loan#1000119
    Total Offers: £15,600.00
  • Loan#1000100
    Total Offers: £1,786.20
  • Loan#1000089
    Total Offers: £3,118.17
  • Loan#1000103
    Total Offers: £4,127.77
  • Loan#1000127
    Total Offers: £1,362.77
  • Loan#1000038
    Total Offers: £2,537.90
  • Loan#1000077
    Total Offers: £1,723.75
  • Loan#1000112
    Total Offers: £1,477.76
  • Loan#1000116
    Total Offers: £14,035.22
  • Loan#1000120
    Total Offers: £4,962.50
  • Loan#1000118
    Total Offers: £5,314.93
  • Loan#1000065
    Total Offers: £3,560.00
  • Loan#1000058
    Total Offers: £1,936.81
  • Loan#1000111
    Total Offers: £3,744.67
  • Loan#1000108
    Total Offers: £2,614.59
  • Loan#1000101
    Total Offers: £2,600.00
  • Loan#1000059
    Total Offers: £1,269.66
  • Loan#1000096
    Total Offers: £1,800.46
  • Loan#1000099
    Total Offers: £2,955.09
  • Loan#1000124
    Total Offers: £6,091.95
  • Loan#1000105
    Total Offers: £3,706.00
  • Loan#1000092
    Total Offers: £3,520.81
  • Loan#1000104
    Total Offers: £836.03
  • Loan#1000055
    Total Offers: £4,266.62
  • Loan#1000130
    Total Offers: £845.00
  • Loan#1000126
    Total Offers: £2,189.98
  • Loan#1000131
    Total Offers: £3,102.66
  • Loan#1000074
    Total Offers: £5,033.66
  • Loan#1000097
    Total Offers: £500.00
  • Loan#1000123
    Total Offers: £1,450.00
  • Loan#1000043
    Total Offers: £500.01
  • Loan#1000114
    Total Offers: £7,675.30
  • Loan#1000060
    Total Offers: £552.63
  • Loan#1000084
    Total Offers: £610.00
  • Loan#1000109
    Total Offers: £3,000.00
  • Loan#1000102
    Total Offers: £3,307.32
  • Loan#1000110
    Total Offers: £8,886.00
  • Loan#1000056
    Total Offers: £100.00
  • Loan#1000069
    Total Offers: £518.79


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Examples of Funded Loans

Funded: £750,000
13% p.a

Asset Backed Loans

Asset Backed Loans

The borrower was incorporated in March 2013 and has developed into a market leader in the manufacturing of bespoke modular construction, supplying sectors including NHS, Public, Construction, Commercial and Education.

In the 2017 they expanded with a number of new large contracts currently in ‘work in progress’ and the pipeline of new business beyond that is healthy.  They raised £750,000 from lenders in less than 24 hours. Those lenders are enjoying 13%.

Funded: £850,000
13% p.a

Freight Aircraft

Freight Aircraft

The company is an air freight business and required two aircraft to be purchased.

The highly experienced management team, who have freight businesses around the world, identified another jurisdiction to operate an air cargo business. The Directors approached lenders to borrow £850,000 to enable the Company to buy two Antonov 26 aircraft. Lenders are enjoying 13%.

Funded: £550,000
14% p.a

Fishing Loan

Fishing Loan

The company is a holding company which currently owns a multitude of assets in the fishing industry.

The Directors approached lenders to borrow £550,000 to enable the Company to create an acquisition “cash war chest” to acquire additional assets in the form of shares in fishing boats in the inshore fishing fleet based in Scotland to expand the current portfolio. Lenders are enjoying 14%.

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Important Notice

Please note that Peer to Peer Lending on Ablrate is not for everyone and there is a risk to your capital and future interest payments. The primary risk being that if a borrower defaults there is no guarantee that Ablrate will be able to liquidate the asset for the full amount you have invested or liquidate those assets in a timely manner. In that case you could lose some, or all of your capital and future interest payments. By using the Ablrate platform you are agreeing that you understand the risks in our transactions and that you have sufficient investment experience and knowledge to evaluate these risks. Ablrate is not authorised to give advice, we evaluate loans for inclusion on the platform, but you are ultimately responsible for the decisions made to invest. If you are unsure if investing on Ablrate is for you, please seek advice from an authorised investment advisor.

*Rates shown are gross of tax and any defaults that your portfolio may incur. ** Secondary Market returns represent the minimum and maximum rates that have been attained on our platform. Buying loans at a premium or discount in the Secondary Market may make these rates higher or substantially lower, dependent on the price you are willing to pay. Please make sure you understand the operation of the Secondary Market and risks before you invest.