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Ablrate is a P2P lending platform that brings lenders together with borrowers to provide asset backed finance to a diverse range of businesses. We have completed over £60 million in loans, paid back over £30 million in capital and over £11 million in interest so far.

When lending to businesses your capital is at risk, please familiarize yourself with the risks before lending. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and there is no guarantee that these results will be repeated. When invested in a loans your funds are NOT covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions section for further information about P2P lending and the risks involved.

My favourite P2P platform

My favourite P2P platform – a very professional operation with good communication and a secondary market which allows discounting.

Micheal – 2020

Clear, informative, transparent, friendly.

Have watched for about a year, started investing 6 months. Good communication, very quick to respond, clear and user friendly site, has a secondary market, also video updates and info.

Mr E – 2020

Good platform

Good Platform, easy to use, no losses in 2-years, and so far very good for selling or changing loans, nice returns ! would say an above average platform for lenders.

Keep up the good work.

Mr M – 2020


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Frequently asked questions

What are the risks of lending?

Treating customers fairly is not just a regulatory obligation, it is at the core of our philosophy and practices. Inherent in this is explaining the risks of investing in loans requested by borrowers on our platform. We urge you to read the risk warnings below and consider these risks before making any commitment. Your capital is at risk and any potential interest payments are also at risk should a loan default. RISK FACTORS AN INVESTMENT IN LOANS ON ANY PEER LENDING PLATFORM IS SPECULATIVE AND INVOLVES RISK. EVEN LOANS THAT ARE BACKED BY ASSETS, SUCH AS THOSE ON ABLRATE, HAVE A POTENTIAL FOR DEFAULT WHERE A LENDER COULD LOSE ALL OF THE FUNDS INVESTED. ACCORDINGLY, PROSPECTIVE INVESTORS SHOULD CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING RISK FACTORS. THESE RISK FACTORS MAY NOT BE A COMPLETE LIST OF ALL RISK FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH A LOAN VIA ABLRATE. Investing in loans involves a high degree of...


Who is elgible to become a lender?

To become a Lending Member you must; (a) be an individual, LLP, limited company or public body; (b) be over 18 years old; (c) if you are a limited company, you must be registered with Companies House or an equivalent body in your country; (d) if you are a public body, you must be registered or formed with the relevant authority in the UK (excluding the Channel Islands and Isle of Man); (f) you must have a valid bank or building society account; and (g) you must register your details verified on our website. We do accept overseas lenders on the platform (excluding the USA) but we may ask you to provide proof that lending on our platform is allowed in your country as there may be local regulations where this is prohibited. We cannot guarantee that you will be accepted as an overseas Lending Member. Our system verifies and...


Am I covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme?

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme was set up to protect customers of financial services firms that have failed. When your funds are on account and not invested in loans they are kept in a segregated client account with NatWest Bank. Should NatWest fail any funds belonging to you in that account would be protected by the FSCS up to the stated limits. Any funds invested in loans are NOT covered by the FSCS


Is Ablrate regulated by the FCA?

Yes, Aviation and Tech Capital is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No. 724444). Ablrate and are trading names of Aviation and Tech Capital Limited. Registered in England and Wales No. 07940046. Aviation and Tech Capital Limited is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Aviation and Tech Capital is registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner (No. ZA033501).


Lending through your Ablrate IFISA

Lending through your IFISA is exactly the same process as through your Standard Account. Funds in your Innovative Finance ISA will only start to generate interest upon drawdown of a loan by the borrower unless Instant Returns are enabled on the loan. Do not forget Ablrate’s Instant Returns are also a tax-free gain on funds lent through your IFISA.
PLEASE REMEMBER, REGARDLESS OF THE TAX BENEFITS, CAPITAL IS AT RISK Whether investments are held within a IFISA or in a general account, they are not covered by the FSCS; the government backed deposit insurance scheme that protects bank deposits including Cash ISAs. The tax benefits available in an IFISA are subject to status and your capital is at risk. The tax benefits of an IFISA are also subject to change by the government.


Gain interest on your investment up to 15% from lending to businesses.

(Your capital is at risk)